Wedding Shoes. . . because you love your wedding shoes!


Two girls in first communion dresses outside. Add clean and preserve communion dress or suit with accessories to registry.


Baby feet on soft blanket. Add clean and preserve christening gown with accessories to gift registry.




Did your photographer insist you walk across the grass for a special photograph? Or was it a rainy day? Perhaps you were married in a barn or at a winery and now your beautiful wedding shoes are just not the same.

Let us help. We are very good at removing stains from satin wedding shoes. Call for an appointment or send us a photo. Cost ranges from $20 to $40.

We do not recommend storing your wedding shoes with your wedding gown because off gases from leather and glue may damage your wedding gown, but we can wrap them for you in acid-free tissue. If you would like them preserved in a small wedding chest, that would be an additional $30.

Christening Gown

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