Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Gown: Traveling with Your Wedding Gown: Tips and Tricks

Orange Restoration Labs can help you pack your wedding gown for safe travel by car or by plane.  And of course we stand ready to press your wedding gown if your destination is here in Connecticut.

Portable steamers are always effective but do remember to cover the head of the steamer with something absorbent that protects your wedding gown from water spots.

Here are some ideas to help you travel safely with your wedding gown.

Traveling by Car

When your gown is stuffed with a bust form and folded into a garment bag with lots of tissue to prevent wrinkles, it can lay, bodice down, across the top of the luggage in the back seat and should not need much more than a Quick Fix (see below).

You can buy bags online, but sheets are also useful.  One large sheet (a fitted sheet works best) will cover the front of your wedding gown and another one can be used to cover the back. Then pin the sheets together.

Traveling by Ship

Pretty much the same advice applies to water travel because you can carry your wedding gown with you when you go on board, and most cruise ships offer pressing services.

Traveling by Plane

Today most airlines insist you fold your garment bag into the overhead bin.  For more protection, consider packing your gown in a large box or suitcase, but you will have to check it with your luggage, which is not a problem if you are flying directly to your destination. 

Some brides actually buy plane ticket for the gown--nothing much safer than a gown with its own seat on the plane..

Orange Restoration Labs has a Destination Wedding Kit, which can go through security with you and fits perfectly into the overhead bin.  We pack the gown with lots of tissue, and put the container inside a shipping carton with a handle so you can carry it easily.

Packing at Home

Line the box or suitcase you are using with tissue and lay your wedding gown--front side down--over the box so that about one-third of your wedding gown is over the box, one-third is at one end of the box and the other one-third at the other end of the box. Make sure you have your wedding gown centered in the box. The part that is front side down should be spread out flat so there are no creases or folds.

Beginning with the side seams, fold the skirt lengthwise over bunched tissue until the skirt is no wider than the box. Then add more tissue and fold the bottom of the skirt into the box.

Add still more tissue and fold the top of your wedding gown into the box. The top of the gown will now be facing up. Use still more tissue to stuff the bodice and anything else such as bows or sleeves that you do not want to be crushed. If anything feels scratchy, such as prongs around the crystals on your wedding gown, be sure to put tissue between the layers of your gown to cover anything that might snag the fabric of your gown.

Quick Fixes for Pesky Wrinkles

  • Tried and true:  hang your wedding gown in the bathroom, turn the shower to hot, close the door, and let the shower run until the room is filled with steam.
  • More expensive but a good investment:  buy a portable hand steamer you can use whenever you travel.  Be sure the plug will fit into the sockets where you are going (you may have to buy a converter, too).  Always protect your gown from water spots by covering the head of the steamer in something absorbent.  Use a rubber band to keep it in place.  Or consider a  SteamerSock.

Professional Pressing

Of course, you can always remove wrinkles by having your wedding gown professionally pressed.  We offer free pressing when you also use our services for cleaning and preservation after the wedding.

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destination wedding

destination wedding

Destination Wedding