When it rains, look for rainbows!

Brenna and Zed were married at Branford House in Groton, Connecticut, and Brenna's gown preservation was completed by Sally Conant, Ph.D, of Orange Restoration Labs. At their reception, storm clouds on the horizon turned out to be a blessing in disguise — the married couple took a once-in-a-lifetime photo!

Brenna and Zed at the reception venue.

Dancing during the reception.

The bridal party in front of Branford House.

The reception in full swing.

Brenna says, "We had a few sprinkles of rain near the beginning of the reception, followed by that amazing rainbow, so we ran outside with our photographer to get a few shots!"

Creaghan Gown Restoration in Orange, CT

Every wedding gown has its story, but when your wedding gown just happens to be a family heirloom the meaning behind it goes deeper than most people would’ve understand. The dress of our newest Bridal Spotlight, was purchased in NY in 1953 and worn by the Bride’s grandmother on her wedding day later that same year, December 26, 1953.

The dress was preserved shortly afterwards in NY. Later on her grandparents moved to Connecticut in 1957 and raised nine children, eight girls and one boy. It was in 1985 that her grandmother broke open the original seal as one of her daughters was considering wearing it for her wedding. She didn't end up wearing it and her grandmother had it preserved again, this time in Connecticut.

None of her grandmother’s 8 daughters or any of her 17 granddaughters (30 grandchildren in all) ended up wearing the gown. 

About three years ago, her mom Marisa was visiting her grandmother with her and her sisters (five girls and one boy) and were going through her closet and they saw the box and asked to see the dress.

Last summer Elisabetta got engaged and within a few days went down from Massachusetts to Connecticut to break the happy news to her grandmother who immediately took out the dress for Elisabetta to try on. The decision was made immediately. The dress fit almost perfectly.

Within few days Elisabetta, moved out to Colorado and her mom searched for someone to take a look at the dress to see what should or could be done to brighten it up a bit. She almost sent it to a restoration facility in Texas. Not being too comfortable sending it so far away, she kept searching online and found Orange Restoration Labs. She took it to Sally, who said that the box looked like one of hers... So it just happened that her Mom had used Sally to preserve the dress nearly 30 years ago.


Sally thought the dress was in remarkably good shape and did not recommend restoring it. The color was lovely, and they agreed. Sally recommend having all the plastic beads replaced, which we did, and taking the dress to Margrete from Sew Olsen to add a French bustle. The only other adjustments to the dress were to open the shoulder seams a bit to allow for more arm movement, reinforce some of the buttons, hem the dress and press it.

Elisabetta Anna Creaghan, 23, the granddaughter of Elisabetta D'Agostino Barbano, 90, was married in her grandmother's dress to Mr. Timothy Francis Fill on June 1, 2019 at St John's, Guardian of Our Lady Church, Clinton MA.

Zacha's Wedding Veil Restoration in Orange, CT

Glowing Real Bride Zacha took the cruise of a lifetime for her joint wedding/honeymoon affair, and it sure looked like a blast! Zacha had her mother-in-laws veil restored for the wedding, and then repurposed the bonnet from the veil for her recently born daughter's Baptism. Orange Restoration Labs in CT did excellent work on this project.

Real bride Zacha with groom, dressed in all white, on a cruise on their destination wedding day.


Megan's Wedding Dress Preservation in Orange, CT

Gorgeous Real Bride Megan tried on more than fifty gowns before saying Yes! to the romantic Rebecca Ingram "Hope" piece. She was thrilled to have it cleaned and preserved by Orange Restoration Labs in CT. Read the full post for more details on Megan's Mystic Seaport wedding!

Mirror shot of AWGS member Orange Restoration Labs' Real Bride Megan on her wedding day.


Carolina's Wedding Gown Preservation in Connecticut

Carolina had a beautiful church wedding ceremony followed by a luxurious reception at a harbor club. The excitement of the day took its toll on her gorgeous, strapless, and figure-fitting wedding gown but luckily, Sally of Orange Restoration Labs in Connecticut was able to clean the gown to pristine condition and preserve it for many, many more years to come. Read our interview with Carolina to find out more!


Katie's Wedding Gown and Heirloom Veil Preservation in Orange, CT

Katie and Erik met through a blind date that was arranged by a mutual friend two years ago, and got married this Spring at the same church where Katie's parents had their nuptials. If that weren't symbolic enough, Katie also wore the same heirloom veil that her mother, Cathy, was clad in on her special day forty-two years ago. They brought the gown and veil to Orange Restoration Labs of CT after the wedding to be cleaned and preserved. Check out the gorgeous photography by New York-based Tilly Blair, and read about all the cute details from Katie's wedding below! 

Mother and Father of the Bride with the bride on her wedding day.


Rebecca's Wedding Gown Preservation in Orange, CT

Rebecca married her significant other in the same place where they first met, almost a decade later. She wore a beautiful Rue de Seine wedding gown with gold accents in honor of the special day that completed her joyfully shining look. Rebecca took her gown to Orange Restoration Labs after her ceremony to eternalize the beauty of this symbolic garment. Check out more photos and details below!  

Bridal bouquet in hands closeup.Bride and groom embracing each other.


Meredith's Wedding Gown Preservation in Orange, CT

Meredith met the love of her life at the Naval Academy-- a connection so significant that they decided to host their wedding at the Academy Chapel. She wore a sweetheart Watters wedding gown the day in honor, which was later shipped off to be cleaned and preserved for her by Orange Restoration Labs. Meredith was warmly recommended this particular Specialist by Betsy Robinson, the bridal salon where she'd found her gown, and she was not disappointed by the result! Read on for this truly charming bride's special day story and check out all the beautiful photos of the event:  

USNA wedding ceremony.


Alicia's Wedding Gown Preservation in Orange, CT

Real bride Alicia, who wore Maggie Sottero for her nuptials, came to Sally Conant, Ph.D of Orange Restoration Labs to clean and preserve her gown. Alicia chose to have her ceremony on the same day as her parents and grandparents did, many years before her, making the day that much more special. Sally caringly preserved Alicia's dress, thus ensuring that this beautiful part of her sacred day will last a lifetime. To read about Alicia's Connecticut wedding and see more of her breathtaking photos, continue to the full blog post below!                  


Bird's eye view of the bride going down the stairs in her Maggie Sottero dress
Monica's Wedding Gown Preservation in Orange, CT

Real bride Monica had her gown cleaned and preserved at Orange Restoration Labs in Connecticut following her intimate destination wedding in Miami, Florida. Find out about Monica's delightful nuptials and see more pictures of her gown, below!